Always Nice EP – 2011-03-06

SAO Tokyoska – Always Try to Be Nice (Original Mix)

Released on Beatport under Vaishnava Records. Always Nice EP

“Vaishnava Records presenting once again, SAO Tokyoska. “Sometimes when the stress is high, I just smile and see all in a positive way; trying to be nice, no drama. The Tech House sound spins my world.” SAO Tokyoska From SAO Tokyoska previews releases: Random Memories, A Clown With Horns, etc, providing us with two tracks: Always Try to Be Nice and The Beatz Brotherz House.”

The Tracks you can find in this EP:
SAO Tokyoska – Always Try to Be Nice (Original Mix)
SAO Tokyoska – The Beatz brotherz House (Original Mix)

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