Devilicious Master – 2011-11-30

Released on Beatport under Schyzobeats Records. Devilicious Master

“A CD compilation of 17 of my tracks, touching several kind of sounds like the Techno, Tech House, Minimalist and Underground, Devilicious is the word that can define me totally, I know what I want to me and in what way I can get it”

The tracks that you can find in this CD:
Socially Unacceptable
Minimal Brunette
She is a Playmobile
Porto Alegre Bus
Friday Again
Me & the Serbian Girl
Beograd Black
What Your Mamma says about Me
Mini Bunker Lunch Box
Miss Gorgeous
The Belt
Call for a Challenge
Dew of Seduction
Beg for Nothing
The Spooky Man

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