SAO Tokyoska – Terror Techno [Underground Techno Original Set]


Sometimes I´m not in the mood to listen something with a dancefloor rhytm, those times I need something dark, with some agresivity, I wonder if somebody would need the same, I wonder if someone could share the same…going out of the normal limits, between desperation and stress, feeling ansiety and trying to do the diference… this noisy sound make me shake my head, the non sense rhythm create an explosion in me… turn the ambient in a terror feeling, dunno know whats for comming…
I can clasify several of my tracks not in undeground techno exactly, they sound more like a terror movie than experimental. With this I want to share the things I made, a diferent environment.

All the tracks are made by myself =)
1.- Death Smell
2.- The Man with Only one Dream
3.- Hunt the Tech
4.- knowing your Limits
5.- Entity of Darkness
6.- Not to Cowards
7.- Mental Invader
8.- The Hell

Original tracks by SAO Tokyoska
Image: Therapy Inhale by scarypaper