SAO Tokyoska ft Aleksandra Medakovic – Beograd Black (Original Mix) [Underground Techno]


One of my favorites, is noisy and agressive, the kind of techno love to listen Aleksandra Medakovic aka Djane Carrot. This sounds invite to the chaos, rebel in rhythm and also frustating to the ones who remember the sound of the siren announcing the bombs are falling.

We know about the civil activites and conflic almost close to the war in that area, Belgrade means literally “White City” and adding the word “Black”  we understand that there things that simply don´t match, very contradictory. No Logic.

Aleksandra Medakovic been talking to me about the times when Yugoslavia was separating and became the actual Republic of  Serbia, her memories about war still fresh. With this sound I pretend just to print the desperation of that hard moment, and she is helping me with the serbian vocal : “I was born in a country that no longer exist”, and the track naturally turned in something very very special, not only is sound, not only is techno, is that feeling each live inside, our inner wars, all those battles we know we cannot win.

SAO Tokyoska ft Aleksandra Medakovic – Beograd Black

This track is already released on Beatport under Schyzobeats Records. Devilicious Master

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