SAO Tokyoska – Born Lazy (Original Mix) [Minimal]


I made this track in celebration of the 23Birthday of my Sweety Carrot and describe this track as minimalistic and techno base, with a slow rhythm to don´t disturb the neighboors =).

After few months without launch or share any track, finally I found again the inspiration to make something a bit more mature, maybe one of my most quiet sounds compared with the underground and experimental ones, but I think this song deserve get an oportunity from the listeners, specially the ones who are loving de deep house and also minimal with no super techno or hard sounds. In my opinion this track is eddible and can be used as ambiental sound if you play it in low volume.

As in my other productions I work it all sounds in FL Studio 9, using the vocal sample “Found Love” in female voice, also one sample of the Star Wars movies (yes because I love sci fi & comics) and also made the “cover” to this track on photoshop, yes is a carrot between clouds =)

***Available for download free till last Jan 31 2013. Is mp3 320kbps half mastered adn 125bpm, final version and half mastered. If the download is off or you can´t find it or listen it from here u could get is as promo, let me know it sending me an email to: