Favorited [Minimal Techno] 01


I don´t want only post my own music in this blog, also I wanna share and recommend the music of the djs I like to listen, their productions and of course my favorite tracks, not necesary in any order, all of them are great and each one deserve the time to be played and review them by the techno lovers. My intention is share what I love with the party people, I hope you can enjoy my recomendations and the tracks I love to play, is not enough only get the music on the dancefloor, sometimes is necesary bring it to home =).


dubfire sao tokyoska favorite recommend

Grindhouse by Dubfire & Radio Slave. I feel this track and I can live it each time I listen,  it was released in 2008 if my memory don´t fail, it born powerfull with that special combination of dark ambient but without stop to be minimalistic. The sound is not only absolutelly powerfull, also the rhythm invite the techno lovers to discover new ways to feel adrenaline on the scene, I play it all the time that is possible, sometimes is like my signature, you know, those kind of things that simply you cannot stop to do. If you are a person who recently started to listen minimal techno, you should to know this track is on the classic ones, also remember the name Dubfire, because you will listen much in techno and underground scene. Also if you are already djing techno or minimal, be sure that this track could match perfectly your best sets just give the right time to this track and it will involve all the party people on his ambient and exploding their excitiment since the first boom of the bass.

Radio Slave – Grindhouse (Dubfire Terror Planet Remix)


D-RAMIREZ sao tokyoska favorite recommend

Shield by D Ramirez & Dirty South. This is other tune with a perfect combination of minimal and techno sound. Explore the ambient it create since the begining, that techno base just announce with the rhythm that you´ll get a bit of agressivity on the boom, it become dirty and with epic noise while is getting more strong, always classy because never lost the minimalistic line. To me is perfect how D Ramirez added those strimmings while the track is building the ambient. Djs and new people on this stage, please give an oportunity to this track, at least listen and dancing it if you can the Bass & Kick are awesome and what to say about that vocal “SHIELD”.

D Ramirez and Dirty South Shield D Ramirez B Movie Remix


RICHARD-DINSDALE sao tokyoska favorite recommend

Monday Evils by Richard Dinsdale & D Unity. Was you waitting for the techno power? Well this would drive you crazy, totally techno with some electronic sounds, this track would make you jump and put you in a good mood for party. Is not strange find excellent buildings when we talk about D unity their techno is awesome and what about Mr Dinsdale, is extraordinary how he construk the sound, always giving power on each beat and with those tiny electronic noises i got the feeling is doing something magic. If you are searching to make a set with energy and give the people the best feeling to put them to dance without stop this sound is recommended to you, if you are a maniac dancer who love to burn the floor i invite you to try to build your own rhythm with this tune. The techno sound is here!

D-Unity. Richard Dinsdale – Monday Evils (Original Mix)