SAO Tokyoska – Raisin Satan [Techno Set]


 This is a combination of diferent techno sounds, for one part you will find the underground and noisy techno with tracks made by Kid Mistic for example or Tom Hades and Phunk Investigation, also you will listen powerfull minimalistic sounds like Ask your self by Ritchie Hawtin(Plastikman) and the minimalistic techno of Sasha Carassi. The Underground, the Minimal and the Techno trying to envolve you in a spooky and dark ambient. Raisin of Satan.

01. Tom Craft – Loneliness (Minitronix Narkosky Remix)
02. Kristina – Happy Pills (M.i.d.i. Remix)
03.- Tom Hades – Shut Up (Original Mix)
03. Alejandro Trebor – Sangre de Toro (Sasha Carassi Remix)
04.- The Adevnt and Industrialyzer – Jonestown (a.d.i.n. Remix)
05.- Plastikman – Ask yourself (Plasticine Rulers)
06.- Progress – 303 (Original Mix)
07. Slam – Collectin Data (Sasha Carassi Remix)
08.- Adam Jay – Codes (Patrick DSP Remix)
09.- Deepgroove – Annihilate (Original Mix)
10.- Deepvoice – Psychostreroids
11.- Leeks – Altered States (Original Mix)
12. Kid Mistik – Naga (Original Mix)
13.- Fernando Tessis –  Zyguballis (Joel Maker Techno Mix)
14. Erphun – Brood2 (Sasha Carassi Remix)
15. kid Mistik – Nemesis (original mix)
16. Adam Jay – vector 2 (Sasha Carassi Remix)
17. kid Mistik – One that will be named (Original Mix)
18.- Sasha Carassi – Hexagon (Tom Hades Remix)
19.- Kiko – Mosquito (Original mix)
20. Adam Beyer – Miami (Kid Mistik Bootleg)
21. Dj Pierre – I Am Acid (Loco Jam Remix)
22.- The Advent and Industrialyzer – Prolific (Original mix)
23. Kid Mistik – Eins Theme (Phat Tool)
24.- Eric Sneo – Akropolis (Original Mix)
25. Kid Mistik – Piktures (Original Mix)


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