SAO Tokyoska & Aleksandra Medakovic – Antiquus Vintage [Dark & Experimental Minimal Techno Set]


Aleksandra Medakovic & Me made a B2B combining our noises and experiments, this is the result, in some parts spooky in others dark and massive. So yes, in this set Carrot and me we are mixing our styles alternating the decks and times to make this possible.

01 SAO Tokyoska – Antiquus Vintage (Intro)
02 Electrorites – Dark Corners (Original Mix)
03 AnGy KoRe, Daniele Crocenzi, Gymmy J – Well Then Lets Go (Wave Form Remix)
04 Mikael Jonasson – Morphogenesis (Original Mix)
05 Loco Jam – Estadio (Original Mix)
06 Matteo Poker – Psycho Mantis (MAR Remix)
07 Kid Mistik – Errorcell (Original Mix)
08 Ramirez Resso – Killer Voice (Original Mix)
09 Dmitry Recon & Yana Sky – Barbiturate (Original Mix)
10 Marc Marzenit – Unexpiritualized (Original Mix)
11 Perc – Mathlete (Original Mix)
12 Andre Walter & Stigmata – Tartarus (Original Mix)
13 Pills Of Techno – Tony Lizard

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