Audio Autopsy

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Techno Label and Party Organisation from the Netherlands. Genres vary from dark tribal techno to raw industrial, experimental, minimal and melodic techno, yet different then the usual standard. That is our aim.

This label is awesome promoting and producing underground and spooky techno!. I been following them for some time, listening their djs and releases. Like an scared kid I sent my tracks and ran away, with the feeling of “uf I hope they don´t answer” more than scared I was nervous, been working in some tracks that match their style, but was with that sensation of “I am not good enough”, but for other part, the style that I like much to work, my favorite noisy sound and terror techno style with dark ambient was printed on my tracks. Noisy the owner of this label said she liked that spooky work, and was great for them. Since 2012 I´m part of Audio Autopsy, I´m not just member of this, I am also fan of them.

Not to Cowards EP:
SAO Tokyoska – Not to Cowards
SAO Tokyoska – The Man with Only one Dream
SAO Tokyoska – Hunt the Tech