Aleksandra Medakovic – Djane CARROT

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Aleksandra Medakovic was born in Belgrade,Serbia.
Her interest in electronic music started in the period close of the 2000,
loving the retro techno and evenutaly falling in love
in the dark and underground sounds.

Her career started in 2009 playing minimal and new age of techno.
Not so far after that she is starting a colaboration with dj/producer SAO Tokyoska
and joining to management of Vodka Beatz,making events and
promoting electronic music.

Even when her the biggest love was piano,Aleksandra Medakovic is known as Djane Carrot.
She never puts people down with showing her style,dark ambient and powerfull techno.



SAO Tokyoska:  Aleksandra Medakovic is not only my girlfriend, is the main inspiration and so big support as my own family, the power that hold and build all. Always helping me and also to me an excellent person who work very hard till reach her goals. As DJ I can say very secure about She really got a good tasty mixing Techno, her dark tunes always get adrenalin, and also she is constantly collaborating with me on events, producing and in every project where I am involved.

Officially is the first DJ I support and my complete team. My sweety.