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Circuits EP – 2013-02-28

Punky Records invited me to remix the track Circuits, Original Mix by Reducs (project made by Devon van Dijk and Wijbe Jan de Jong), so the 2013 started with some work to do… Continue reading

SAO Tokyoska – Cybergoth Level (Original Mix) [Minimal Techno]

I like the cybergoth and cyborg stuff, my ideas since i started to work with music, was make something that represent in a minimal and techno style that ambient, something solid, where the… Continue reading

SAO Tokyoska – Born Lazy (Original Mix) [Minimal]

I made this track in celebration of the 23Birthday of my Sweety Carrot and describe this track as minimalistic and techno base, with a slow rhythm to don´t disturb the neighboors =). After… Continue reading

SAO Tokyoska ft VientoFresco – Cooking Carrots (Original Mix) [Tech House]

SAO Tokyoska ft VientoFresco – Cooking Carrots (Original Mix) I consider this track as Tech House, it got a happy touch in the rhythm and the sexy VientoFresco voice, my friend from Spain… Continue reading

Zoneek Ap – Ancient Journey (SAO Tokyoska Remix)

Zoneek Ap – Ancient Journey (SAO Tokyoska Remix) Original track by Zoneel aka Pablo Hes is doing really great creating minimalist sounds, was a dream before think in make something to can work… Continue reading

SAO Tokyoska ft Aleksandra Medakovic – Beograd Black (Original Mix) [Underground Techno]

One of my favorites, is noisy and agressive, the kind of techno love to listen Aleksandra Medakovic aka Djane Carrot. This sounds invite to the chaos, rebel in rhythm and also frustating to… Continue reading

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