dim house music
DIM House Music is a collective of DJ & Producers made to support electronic music and remix our original work.
Demos: dimproducciones07@gmail.com

DIM House Music conformado por :
DaVid Yánez – Miguel Leiva – Dani Chacon – Sao Takyoska – Christian Macassi – Tochit

I am sure this story is not the first it happens, searching on internet trying to discover new artist on electronic music, I found David in a social network I use to visit since years ago, there a small comunity if musicians and djs there, much of them people who do it as hobby or amateurs, wich is not bad I use to be like that too, but I found one original track, between alot of mixes or normal sets, I was amazed because is like discover a treassure on the desert, very friendy the group of DIM House Music explained me about their project and invited me to join making a remix to them! was great to me. They continue working with new artist and also suppring them, this label became a very special company to me, they are latins as me and very talented and serious producers.