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▶Klinik Room is a record label from Croatia specialising in electronic music alongside with its sub-label Klinik Lounge. Perfered generes:
▶Croatian electronic music based label,
estabilished in summer of 2012.

▶Perfered generes:Techno/Tech-House

▶Sub-Label:Klinik Lounge
Perfered generes: House,Deep House,Tech-House

Klinik Room prides itself on releasing music that works on the dance floor,
whilst at the same time supporting innovative artists in Croatia and worldwide.
AR represents a creative platform for global Techno and electronic music artists to express their musical ingenuity
and has established a reputation for sourcing quality cutting edge sounds.

Klinik Room strives to provide the best in service to our artists.
We will continue to keep our eyes open, forge new relationships with up-and-coming artists,
digital stores, other labels, and, management and booking companies;
work closely with music related events, and focus hard on making your experience with us better!

Klinik Room is rolling up music that can not leave you indifferent.