Is greatful the feeling when someone call you because you made a track that is good to their team, same when they ask you to remix any of their songs. Here are the labels that I support and also they are trusting in my skills and work, thank you very much to them for make my dream true and thanks to you for your time too.

Each label is a great company, doing big effort promoting and also very professional in what they do. Click on their logo to get more info about it.

audio autopsy sao tokyoska the man with only one dream knowing yout limits entity of darkness beatport junodownload underground dark spooky terror techno

dim house music


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tech up recordings sao tokyoska spikky rave inside my mind randome memories tales of technomicron

vaishnava records, miami label, sao tokyoska, randommemories, always nice, beatz brothers house, kirtan, a clown with horns