My Music

I have my own point of view of  the music such as the sounds I use to work and experiments.  I wanna present you my work in 4 categories:

This style is the main sound that keep me alive since years ago, to me this genre is very exciting, it give all the adrenaline that I need to feel I am alive, the deep bass and kicks that the techno have is always welcome to my brain.

I worked some tracks in Minimalist style, is a genre that I love alot too, the small details and sounds this kind of music give to me is extremly sexy, so close to let me breathless and when I feel I cant get more another tiny sound just appear in the quiet ambient to create the perfection into my feelings.

Tech House
The Tech House amazed me, got me, caught me totally for all the posibilities that this genre offer to each producer and people who is searching the power of the techno combined with something soft and very tasty, much of the tracks in tech house get that gourmet touch so close to fall of the electronic style but always keeping you in that line, to me is like a very nice perfum to my soul. I like to make this kind of music because it make me print all the happy and funny feelings that I´m getting every day in my life.

When We talk about underground We know that everything is possible, the underground style allow me to experiment the sound in techno and very spooky minimalist ambient, the agressivity that I get with this music style make me feel strong and wishing much more noise. Here you will find my most darkest and experimental sounds, some of them are really noisy, other quiets but all of them with that spooky ambient and the terror environment that you could hear in a horror movie.