Vaishnava Records

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Record Label Vaishnava Records
General Manager Harsi, Kris V, Fito.

Intellectual Record Label. Viahsnava Records is a Techno, Minimal, Tech House record label. Fresh from September 2010, and upcoming 2011.

Members: Harsi, Kris V, SAO Tokyoska, Koholintaz, Berkut aka 7C, Slafe, ShubCraft, Anthony Drone, Moosbach

Vaishnava Records is the first label who trusted on my work and my few experience in those moments, I remember was summer of 2010 when Kirtan/Harsi contacted me talking me about the plans they had for 2011. In those moments my dream about have a release on beatport and junodwoload was like something impossible, actually I remember other label invited me to release tracks for free, I accepted because I knew I needed to work much more on my music. On december Vaishnava Records contacted me and told me the last tracks I had on soundcloud was good for their label!.

Of course I was very excited as I am now when someone call you and want the work you are doing, they released my first EP SAO Tokyoska and after that some others and met other producers on this company, awesome people and great producers too.

Unfortunately Vaishnava Records closed on 2012. But I will remember it for gave me that oportunity and also for open the doors to anothers labels too.

My work on Vaishnava Records:

SAO Tokyoska EP:
SAO Tokyoska – Random Memories (Original Mix)
SAO Tokyoska – A Clown with Horns (Original Mix)
SAO Tokyoska – Born to Be Stalker (Original Mix)

Muni EP:
Kirtan – Muni (SAO Tokyoska Remix)

Always Nice EP
SAO Tokyoska – Always Try to Be Nice (Original Mix)
SAO Tokyoska – The Beatz brotherz House (Original Mix)